Our research site has over 12 years of experience in conducting clinical trials, including high-enrollment vaccine studies for Moderna, Pfizer, and others.

To ensure the integrity of our studies, we utilize VCT biometric scanning technology to prevent dual enrollment.

We have high quality facility and equipment capability including:

• Medical vaccine refrigerators and freezers with double locked restricted access, 72-hour battery backup built in and temperature controlled systems with alarms.
• Ambient double locked storage for IP with restricted access temperature controlled systems with alarms
• Flow hood system when required.
• Separate unblinded staff and work area with restricted access for IP and all documentation storage.
• Waiting area for post vaccination observation
• Local Lab certified and experienced processing PBMC samples.

Our dedicated staff includes:

• 8 Clinical Research Coordinators
• 2 Study Nurses
• 1 Lab Technician
• 2 Recruiters
• 1 Regulatory Director

We have undergone two FDA audits in the past two years, both of which resulted in no 483’s and high commendation for our exceptional documentation.

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