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To conduct Phase II-IV clinical research studies in a high standard of quality with efficiency, cost effectiveness, integrity and compassion using highly specialized and certified personnel; to provide maximum safety and the highest quality and satisfaction to our subjects.


ICR works to provide Pharma the support to discover and develop innovative, safe and effective ways to prevent or treat some of the world’s most challenging diseases.

With a team of seasoned research professionals, we have the ability to effectively conduct trials in our facility in Aventura. Equipped with the latest technology, our research center has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of many clinical protocols. At the same time, our experienced recruiting specialists and our growing network of investigators in numerous medical specialties ensure continued access to volunteers of all types.

In addition, at Ideal Clinical Research we pride ourselves on very high PI involvement in every study from the feasibility to the investigators trainings of the entire staff to Consenting each subject. Patient safety is critical to our site so all of our staff are up to date on their GCP and a variety of certifications. All drugs from each study are meticulously tracked and secured by the P.I. and CRC. You can rest assured that all data is entered into the EDC for each study and cross checked with the senior CRC.

Ideal Clinical Research has successfully conducted numerous high-enrolling vaccine studies in collaboration with esteemed pharmaceutical companies such as Moderna, Pfizer, and others. In addition to our extensive experience in vaccine research, our site actively engages in a wide array of Women’s Health studies, as well as investigations related to Migraine, COPD, Asthma, and various other medical conditions.

Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our studies is reflected in the use of cutting-edge VCT biometric scanning technology. This advanced technology plays a crucial role in ensuring that potential subjects cannot engage in dual enrollment, thereby upholding the reliability and accuracy of our clinical research data.

At Ideal Clinical Research, we are dedicated to advancing medical knowledge and contributing to the development of innovative solutions for a healthier future.

Our services are provided strictly following ICH, GCP and regulatory guidelines as well as our rigorous standards of procedures. Our expertise in volunteer recruiting and screening, and our growing network of experienced investigators in several specialties, allow us to conduct trials with subjects of all types in our state-of-the-art facility, which has been carefully designed to provide a maximum of efficiency, safety and comfort.

Management Team

Armando Vargas
Site Director/ President

Harvey Glasser, MD
Principle Investigator - Women's Health

Harvey Samowitz, MD
Principle Investigator - Urology

Armando De Feria, MD
Principle Investigator - Internal Medicine

Metrics Overview / Start Up Process

ICR has captured metrics on 100’s of studies to help sponsors with enrollment planning and determine which we are best qualified to partner with.

Feasibility questionnaires are turned around in 72 hours or less. Providing historical enrollment metrics allows feasibility and site identification to occur at an accelerated pace. In order to help our sponsors, reduce study start up timelines, ICR offers a more proactive, streamlined approach to the negotiating process. Contract and Budget Negotiations within 2 weeks whiles we begin the IRB process.

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